Department Orders


222 Submission of details of Govt/Pvt ITI's in Trivandrum by 21-08-2017 as per Intelligence Bureau Requirements 19-08-2017
221 Revised training Calendar for session 2017-18- Dget Order 18-08-2017
220 Results of 105th All India Apprenticeship Trade test 18-08-2017

Guidelines and formats/templates for admitted trainee data preparation

Admitted TraineeTemplate           MIS-GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS

Admitted Trainee Data Upload Process for session 2017              STATE REG CODE-NEW

218 Prospectus and application form for 2017 Admissions to Govt  ITI Dharmadom 16-08-2017
217 Revised Time Table for CoE trade test BBBT & Advanced Modules- Aug 2017 16-08-2017

Guidelines and posting order of officials for Admission Closing-2017

List of Admission Closing Official             List of MIS Nodal Officers            Formats for Admission Closing

215 ITI Classes for 2017-2018 session to begin on 17.08.2017- Circular 14-08-2017
214 Extension of admission closing date for SCVT trades- ITI Admissions 2017 14-08-2017
213 Amendment to Kerala Govt Servants Conduct rules,1960 11-08-2017
212 Time table for SCVT Trade Test  Conventional and Semester Pattern- SEPTEMBER 2017 10-08-2017
211 SLI/ GIS details of staff  retiring by March 2019 to be submitted to insuarance offices- Govt Order 10-08-2017
210  MLA's to be included in  all Govt functions in their respective constituencies- Govt Order 10-08-2017
209 Govt order for starting of new ITI at Dharmadom 08-08-2017
208 Govt order for starting of new ITI at Vamanapuram & Perumatti 08-08-2017
207 Govt Order for starting new trades and changing of Architectural Asst trade to Electrician in ITI Madayi 08-08-2017
206  ITI Admissions 2017-General Category students may be admitted to unfilled seats reserved for SC/ST students 07-08-2017
205 NCVT MIS portal Admission- Adhaar Number of trainees Mandatory- DGET order 02-08-2017
204 Last date for ITI admission closing extended to 15/08/2017 31-07-2017
203 Provisional permission to appear in AITT July 17 for candidates whose Hall Tickets could not be downloaded from MIS Portal 28-07-2017
202 Govt Orders on Ex Gratia pension,DA relief on pension and retiremt benefit to Statutory commission members 28-07-2017
201 Grading of ITI's - Appointment of Principals as Mentors 27-07-2017
200 Revised policy guidelines and MOU format under Dual System of training- regarding 27-07-2017
199 SCVT Marklist and B- Form vailable for download in Circular 26-07-2017
198 AITT July 17-Provision for apprearing in 4 SEM exam for trainees appeared for 2& 3 SEM exam together 25-07-2017
197 Prospectus and application form for 2017 Admissions to Govt  ITI Chadaymangalam 24-07-2017
196 ITI's to procure uniform cloth from Hanveev/ Hantex- GO 19-07-2017
195 Quotation invited from ISO certification agencies for  ISO 9001:2015 QMS certification to Training Directorate 19-07-2017
194 List of excess items in stores at ITI Kozhikode 19-07-2017
193 AITT JULY 2017 Sanction of leave to Staff- Circular 18-07-2017
192 Complaince to IT act 2000 & Adhaar act 2016 in Website uploads- GO 17-07-2017
191 Functioning of the official  Whatsapp Group of the Department 17-07-2017
190  Information on Grading of ITI's from DGT 14-07-2017
191 Notification and Application form for SCVT Trade test  6 month courses-AUG 2017 13-07-2017
190 Format of Written Instructional Material (WIM) to be used in Govt/Pvt ITI's 13-07-2017
189 Agenda and Questionnaire for principals conference on 14.7.2017 at ITI Chackai 12-07-2017
188 SCVT Trade Test AUG 2017- Extension of last date for submission of exam fee 12-07-2017
187 AITT JULY 2017- Instructions for distribution of Hall Tickets to trainees 12-07-2017
186 Time table for CoE Trade Test AUG 2017 11-07-2017
185 AITT JULY 2017 SEM Scheme (Non MIS)- Download and Distribution of hall tickets 07-07-2017
184 AITT JULY 2017 OLD scheme- Distribution of hall tickets to trainees 07-07-2017
183 AITT JULY 2017 SEM scheme- Guidelines for  online entry of  practical marks 07-07-2017
182 AITT JULY 2017 SEM scheme- Guidelines for conduct of exam 07-07-2017

Program for World Youth Skill on 15.7 2017 to be conducted in ITI's

Banner Design for World Skills day

180 Principal Conference on 14-07-2017 10 am at ITI Chackai 07-07-2017
179 Proforma for submission of budget proposals for plan fund 2018-19 07-07-2017
178 Schedule for  AITT July 2017 Old system 06-07-2017
177 Schedule for  AITT July 2017 Semester system 06-07-2017
176 Notification and Application form for SCVT Trade test  (Supplementary)-AUG 2017 OLD System 04-07-2017
175 Notification and Application form for SCVT Trade test  (Supplementary)-AUG 2017 Semester System 04-07-2017
174 Correction in the No. of Trades/ Units of Govt ITI (W)  Kannur- DGET order 30-06-2017
173 DGET LOGO for use in GOVT & Private ITI's 30-06-2017

Submission of revised budget estimate 2106-17 & bUdgetestimate for 2017-18- Circular

Format for Submission of Budget estimate

171 Minutes of the SSC Meeting held on 14.6.17 held at Govt Guest house Trivandrum 28-06-2017
170 Last date date for submission of  applications for  AUG 2017 ITI Admissions extended till 30.6.2017 5 pm 24-06-2017
169 Training schedule for  2017-18 Session under Craftsman Training Scheme 24-06-2017
168 Sri B. Sreekumar ADT to hold full Additional charge of Director of Training- Govt Order 24-06-2017
167 Preventive action to be taken against Fever Epedemics- Circular 24-06-2017
166 Notification and Application form for SCVT Trade test -AUG 2017 (Regular) SEMESTER II 24-06-2017
165 Notification and Application form for SCVT Trade test -AUG 2017 (Regular) SEMESTER IV 24-06-2017
164 Instructions for sending signed  TA bills to Directorate- Circular 23-06-2017
163 Format for submission of details of pending Payments 23-06-2017
162 Inter ITI Sports meet to be held from 4.7.17 to 7.7.17 at Kollam 23-06-2017
161 Re - Tender Notice  for ISO 9001:2015 certification to 10 Govt ITI's 22-06-2017
160 Results of SCVT Trade Test April 2017- Regular & Supplementary Declared 22-06-2017
159 Notification and Application form for CoE Trade test Supplementary (BBBT& Advanced modules) AUG 2017 22-06-2017
158 Notification and Application form for CoE Trade test Regular (BBBT& Advanced modules) AUG 2017 22-06-2017
157 Sanction for release of pending payments to companies for 2016-17 purchases- G.O 22-06-2017
156 AITT JULY 2017- Entry of Sessional marks,Attendance details,Fee details& Distribution of Hall tickets thru MIS Portal-DGET Order 16-06-2017
155 Results of the CoE Trade MArch 2017 test for BBBT & Advanced modules Declared 16-06-2017
154 Prospectus for Admissions to NCVT courses in Private ITI's ( AUG 2017)-Prospectus No Pvt/NCVT/2017 16-06-2017
153 Amendment (2) to SCVT Prospectus No SCVT/02/2017 16-06-2017
152 Amendment to SCVT Prospectus No SCVT/02/2017 14-06-2017
151 Attapadi Block candidates to get Grace marka for ITI admissions- Govt Order 13-06-2017
150 AITTJULY 2017(Supplementary)-Extension of last date for submission of details of trainees in  ITD  portal 13-06-2017
149 Details to be included while sending TA bills for Pre- Audit 12-06-2017
148 Extension of last date for submission of details of trainees  ITD  portal  for AITTJULY 2017(Supplementary) 12-06-2017
147 Revision of upper monetary limit for sanctioning Officers 12-06-2017
146 Submission of details of trainees not featuring in MIS portal  for AITTJULY 2017(Supplementary) 07-06-2017
145 Cancellation of uniform allowance for Instructors& Work shop attenders 07-06-2017



Applications invited for AUG 2017 ITI Admissions in trades under NCVT/SCVT/CoE schemes

142 Self Rating of ITI's- Grading of Institutes 03-06-2017
141 AITT JULY 2017- Registration of details of practical Examiners in MIS portal- Circular 03-06-2017
140 AITT JULY 2017 Instructions for remitting of OMR fee collected from trainees- Circular 03-06-2017
139 AITT July 2017 Instructions for receiving Applications of chance completed Trainees 03-06-2017

AITT FEB 2017 Results   (2013 Semester system admitted trainees ) declared

Click to View Results

137 List of officials for Trainng on PhotoShop & corel draw  from 06.06.17 at STI Kazhakootam 27-05-2017
136 Virtual class room schedule from 29.05.17 27-05-2017
135  List of officials for Auto cad Trainng at STI Kazhakootam from 29.5.17 27-05-2017
134 Short term training calendar  at Apex Hi-Tech Institute Bangalore 27-05-2017
133 Intimation of UTR details of payments to Companies & Directorate- Circular 27-05-2017
132 Change in entry qualifications of tradeSurface Ornamentation Techniques & Sewing Technology- DGET Order 26-05-2017
131 Public Procurement policy 2012 of Govt of India- Creating maket avenues for  MSME 26-05-2017
130 Rates for collection of E-Waste Increased to Rs 10 per KG- GO 26-05-2017
129 Malayalam "Bharana  Basha" Declaration- Instructions- GO 26-05-2017
128 Notification for recounting of answer scripts AITT FEB 2017- Conventional System 22-05-2017

Notification and Application form for AITT Supplementary  JULY 2017

I,II,III & IV semester supplementary  exam for SCVT passed  Private candidates       

I,II,III & IV semester supplementary  exam for  2013 admitted  SCVT Passed  and NCVT failed  private candidates       

I,II,III & IV semester  supplementary exam for  2013 admitted candidates

I,II,III & IV semester  supplementary exam for  2014-2017 MIS portal  admitted  candidates

I,II,III & IV semester  supplementary exam (MIS Portal) for  Industrial Workers   

I,II,III & IV semester  supplementary exam for 2013 registered     Industrial Workers     

126 Tenders invited from ISO certification bodies for ISO 9001:2008 certification to 10 Govt ITI's 22-05-2017
125 Details of State Public Informaion Officer and Appellate authority to be displayed in Websites- Govt order 22-05-2017
124 Formation of Anti Drug Committees in  institutions- Govt Order 22-05-2017
123 Usage of malayalam language  for Office Boards,Designations, Seals- Govt Order 22-05-2017
122 DGET name changed to DGT Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship 12-05-2017
121 COPA  & DEO Trades to be considered as Higher/Equivalent qualifications for English/Malayalam Typewriting & Computer word processing courses- GO 12-05-2017

Notification and Application form for AITT  JULY 2017 (Semester System) -MIS Portal

2nd SEM exam for 2016 MIS Admitted trainees

2 nd SEM Exam for SCVT passed  Private candidates

4th SEM Exam for SCVT passed  Private candidates

2nd SEM Exam for Industrial Workers

4 th SEM Exam for Industrial Workers

4th SEM exam for 2015 MIS Admitted trainees

119 Notification and Application form for AITT  JULY (OLD SYSTEM) 2017 from AUG 2012 admitted and Failed Candidates 05-05-2017
118 Revised-Time table for All India Trade Test NCVT under CTS- July 2017 05-05-2017
117 Results of AIATT FEB 2017 OLD Scheme Declared 05-05-2017
116 Notification and Application form for AITT  Jan 2018 from 1st Sem (SCVT) passed or SCVT  passed  trainees 02-05-2017
115 Auction of  damaged articles through MSTC portal- Circular 25-04-2017
114 Format for submission of details of pending details under 87 Modernisation 25-04-2017
113 New address and Telephone No's of Training Directorate 22-04-2017
112 Proposed civil norms for ITI's and feed back forms 22-04-2017
111 Proforma for allotment under Minor works Non Plan- Circular 12-04-2017
110 Trainees holiday on 12.04.17  Saturday 12-04-2017
109 Format for submision of proposals for construction 10-04-2017
108 Time table for All India Trade Test NCVT under CTS- July 2017 05-04-2017
107 Correction in Time table  for SCVT Trade Test April/May 2017 05-04-2017
106 Correction of data of trainees  of 2014,2015 & 2016 admissions in MIS portal 04-04-2017
105 Rescheduled program for 53rd All India  skill competition from 23.5.17 03-04-2017
104 Best Principal, Best GI, and Best Instructor awards 01-04-2017
103 Format for submission of  proposals for procurement of equipments for Affiliation of trades in 2017-18 30-03-2017

Formats for submission of details regarding final plan expenditure 2016-17- Circular

Expenditure Proforma                                                                                              Non Tax Proforma

ROP Proforma                                                                                                            Tax Proforma


Circular for reporting of expenditure under plan head 2016-17

Format for plan Expenditure

100 Principals to ensure deposit of  amount for payments for purchases in treasuries by 29.03.17 29-03-2017
99 Uploading of pending sessional marks of trainees - Institutes to contact DGT-DGT Order 29-03-2017
98 Payments to companies for purchases to be reported immediately by email- Circular 25-03-2017
97 State steering committee meeting scheduled on 28.03.17 is postponed 25-03-2017
96 Time table and Trade test centres for SCVT Trade Test April/May 2017 25-03-2017
95 Treasury transactions restriction on rushing of bills and drawing of advance on month end 24-03-2017
94 Notification and Application form for appearing in AITT Jan 2018 for SCVT Candidates 24-03-2017
93 Notification and Application form for appearing in AITT Jan 2018 for Industrial Workers 24-03-2017
92 Enforcement of Model Code of conduct -Malappuram Parliamentary Constituency Elections 24-03-2017
91 Claim and Disbursal  of Tour TA Bills 23-03-2017
90 Format for submission of details of Non Tax Revenue-Circular 23-03-2017
89 Regional Job fair at  Trivandrum postponed -Dates to  be announced later 23-03-2017
88 KPSC-Non availabilty certificate for four Trades 23-03-2017
87 AITT Feb 2017 online entry of practical marks to be completed by 22.3.17- Circular 21-03-2017
86 Modification in accreditation criteria for granting accreditation to ITI's-DGET Order 18-03-2017
85 Reporting of expenditure under plan head- Circular 17-03-2017
84 Grading of ITI's - Framework 16-03-2017
83 Submission of details of allotments for re-appropriation-Circular 10-03-2017
82 Submission of details of pending payments and status of equipments Purchase-Circular 10-03-2017
81 Notification and Application form for 105th All India Appreniceship Trade test April 2017 08-03-2017
80 Time Table for 105th All India Apprenticeship Trade Test- April 2017 06-03-2017
79 Submission of weekly progress report of purchase expenditure-Circular 06-03-2017

Reporting of Errors in Key answers AITT FEB  2017- Circular                              Format for reporting of errors

Sem 1 Engg                  Sem 1 Non Engg                        Sem 2 Engg                        Sem 2 Non Engg

  Sem 3 Engg                  Sem 3 Non Engg                        Sem 4 Engg                        Sem 4Non Engg  

77 Format of  hall ticket for 53rd State level skill competition 03-03-2017
76 Submission of details of civil works under revamping of trades- Circular 03-03-2017
75 Format for submission of details of TA Expenditure for External Examiners- AITT FEB 2017 03-02-2017
74 AITT CoE March 2017 List of trade test centres 03-03-2017

Notification for  53 All Kerala Skill Competition 

Corrected List of trainees selected for All Kerala Skill Competition

72 Format for submission of details of unfinished civil works/ minor works/ electrification/ workshop renovation 27-02-2017
71 Submission of details of womens amenities centre in ITIs 27-02-2017
70 Format for submission of weekly progress report of purchase expenditure 27-02-2017
69 Inspection of all Govt/Private ITI's by Joint inspection committee- DGET order 27-02-2017
68 Deputation of officials for Inspection of  3 Govt ITI's by officials from DGET/RDAT 22-02-2017
67 All financial transaction in Institutes through banks only- Circular 21-02-2017
66 Timely Surrender of Balance amount- Circular 21-02-2017
65  Instructions for effective utilisation equipments and vehicles at ITI's -Circular 20-02-2017
64  Instruction for Purchase of Tools and Equipments-Circular 18-02-2017
63 Electrification of ITI's- Sending of proposals -Circular 18-02-2017
62 Schedule for conduct of  CoE Trade Test March -2017 BBBT & Advanced Modules 18-02-2017
61 Job Fair Portal for registration for Jobfairs launched- Circular 18-02-2017
60 List of Institutes yet to send details of equipments for purchase-Circular 17-02-2017
59 Submission of requirement for Funiture and glass paneling available  at Directorate-Circular 17-02-2017

Notification for 53rd State Level Skill Competition

1.Schedule for conduct of State Level Skill Competition

2.Time Table for State Level Skill Competition

3.Posting of Examiners

4.List of officials for Setting of quetsion Papers

57 Guidelines for distribution of Question papers for 5 trades in Electrician Group - AITT FEB17 SEM1 15-02-2017
56 Private ITI's  Prospectus 2017 AUG -Details Called For 15-02-2017
55 Time Table for CoE Trade Test March -2017 BBBT & Advanced Modules 14-02-2017
54 AITT- FEB 2017 Instructions for Nodal ITI Principals 14-02-2017
53 Trainees with MIS Generated and counter signed Hall tickets to be allowed to appear for AITT-FEB 2017-Crcular 14-02-2017
52 Format for submission of reply to Audit queries 13-02-2017

Notification for  53 All Kerala Skill Competition

List of trainees selected for All Kerala Skill Competition

50 Submission of details under Nutrition scheme- Circular 10-02-2017
49 Minutes of the principals conference on 23.12.16 at Guest house. Thiruvananthapuram 09-02-2017
48 Quiz program on creating energy conservation Schedule- NSS 09-02-2017
47 Submission of utilisation certificate to Govt of India- Instructions 08-02-2017
46 Maintenance of Long leave/Deputation register in ITI's- Circular 06-02-2017
45 Format for submission of details of plan expenditure under 87 Modernisation- Circular 06-02-2017
44 Tenders invited for supply of software for for Language lab at SUIIT Kazhakootam, Trivandrum 04-02-2017
43 Quotation form for hire of Car at directorate of Training 03-02-2017
42 AITT FEB 2017 Entry of Roll No for MIS Registered Candidates without "R/P" 03-02-2017
41 Revised Schedule for AITT FEB 2017 Semester Scheme-Circular 02-02-2017
40 Schedule for AITT FEB 2017 Old Scheme-Circular 02-02-2017
39 AITT 2017 Down load and Distribution of Hall tickets to be used for 3rd SEM practicals from 08.02.17 onwards 02-02-2017
38 Nonavailabilty of Hall tickets from NCVT-MIS Portal Guidelines for allowing trainees to attend AITT 17- Circular 31-01-2017
37 Format for submission of details of TA Bills 31-01-2017
36 Request for allotment of funds under plan head to be made to accounts section- Circular 31-01-2017
35 HBA Scheme for employees Additional loan Creation of second mortgage- Enhancement of limits 28-01-2017
34 Verification of Stock and Stores in Institutes annually- Circular 28-01-2017
33 Two minutes silence on 30-01-17, 11 am in memory of Martyrs- GO 28-01-2017
32 Timely deputation of Instructors for "Training for Improving Communication in English" to SUIIT- Circular 28-01-2017
31 Submission of Expenditure details in a timely and error free manner -Circular 27-01-2017
30 AITT FEB 2017 Principals to arrange collection of Old Scheme hall tickets by hand from Exam section 27-01-2017
29 Instructions for Download and Printing of Non-MIS hall tickets- AITT FEB 2017 27-01-2017
28 Instruction for Printing and distribution of Hall Tickets-AITT Feb 2017 27-01-2017
27 Republic Day 2017 Celebrations at Offices  Guidelines- GO 24-01-2017
26 AITT Feb 2017- Down load of Hall Tickets from portal further steps to be taken 24-01-2017
25 Submission of count of Blank STC 23-01-2017

Hall Ticket Format and list of Trainees selected for All India Skill Compeition

List of Trainees

23 Circular for sending proposals for purchase of equipments for Affiliation/Re -affiliation 21-01-2017
22 AITT FEB 2017 Infastructure arrangments to be made at Examinaton centres 21-01-2017
21 Entry qualifications for 6 trades for the trainees admitted in AUG 2014&2015-Distribution of Question papers 20-01-2017
20 AITT FEB 2017   Video-conferencing  on 23.01.2017-List of VC centres 20-01-2017
19 Guidelines for printing and distribution of AITT FEB 2017 MIS Hall tickets 20-01-2017
18 Timely and Correct uploading of Sessional Marks,Fee details and Attendance details in MIS portal for AITT Feb 2017-Circular 20-01-2017
17 Collection of illegal funds in ITI'S-Creating awareness for staff Circular 19-01-2017
16 Format for submission of details of Pending/Correction/Missing QR codes in E-NTC 18-01-2017
15 Extension of Date for upload of Sessional marks, Exam fee details and Attendance details in MIS Portal to 21.1.17 17-01-2017
14 Revised Time Table for AITT - FEB 2017 17-01-2017

Circular for upating details of candidates not appeared for 2 Sem due to attendance shortage but admitted to 3rd sem in ITD portal by 17.01.17

12 Section officers to ensure files in Malayalam language- GO 13-01-2017
11 Submission of details of Candidates not appeared for 2 Sem due to attendance shortage but admitted to 3rd sem 13-01-2017
10 Latest Guidelines from DGET for conduct of OMR Based AITT Feb 2017 13-01-2017
9 DGET Guidelines for distribution of Fiitter,Electrician Theory Question papers- AITT Feb 2017 13-01-2017
8 List of officials in the Technical committtee for verification of tender packages at SUIIT from 11.01.17 09-01-2017
7 Download and printing of B-form and consolidated B- form of SCVT Candidates -Circular 09-01-2017
6 Notification for upload of Sessional marks, Exam fee details and Attendance details in NCVT-MIS Portal 09-01-2017
5 Sanction and Sample format of Agreement with Keltron for Biometric Attendance 06-01-2017

Circular for submission of data of SCVT passed trainees applied for 1st SEM AITT FEB 2017

Download Template

3 Issue of Hall Tickets to AITT FEB 17 Candidates- DGET Order 04-01-2017

Selection of trainees for State Skill Competition- Anomaly Correction

Format for Submission of Trainee list for Skill Competition

1 Declaration of Results of certain  trades of AITT JUL 16- Further Actions to be taken for AITT FEB 2017 03-01-2017


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